Our team has extensive experience across the worlds of exploration, education, technology and media production

Helen Bainbridge
Project Manager

Helen works on the day to day management and delivery of our programmes. With a background in advertising and corporate social responsibility, Helen has previously worked with corporate clients and foundations to develop and manage programmes to support schools, community groups and environmental organisations. It was her interest in education and the environment that drew her to work for Digital Explorer.

Riccardo Guido
Multimedia Content Producer

Riccardo has studied and worked in Italy, Mexico and Argentina and has collaborated on a wide range of projects for national and international organisations in the UK.

He is particularly interested in the social sector and in the use of technology to tackle social exclusion. It was his interest in meaningful uses of ICT that attracted him to work for Digital Explorer.


Mariuca Morariu
Outreach Manager

Mariuca Morariu joined the team to help grow the global community of digital explorers. She has worked for the past six years with charities and European organisations in designing and managing pioneering educational programmes and civic campaigns, while delivering training and workshops for young people. She has studied and worked in Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and the UK.

With Digital Explorer she shares the same commitment to change the way we learn and engage with the world by using a mix of inspiring content and free technology.

Mariuca Morariu

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

An experienced educator, Jamie has worked both in the classroom and designed and managed a number of education projects around the world, including both polar regions, the Great Barrier Reef, the Middle East and North Africa.

Jamie has also worked at a policy level, successfully campaigning for the oceans to be included in the National Curriculum, and is the recipient of the Geographical Award from the Royal Geographical Society ‘for supporting school students in learning from and being inspired by expeditions’.


Oliver Steeds

Oliver is a critically acclaimed independent broadcast journalist and works with Channel 4’s Unreported World, Discovery Channel, ABC News, Travel Channel and Al Jazeera English, amongst others, travelling to nearly 100 countries including most nasty places. Most recently Oliver’s presents Solving History/ Mystery Investigator on the Discovery Channel.

He has been nominated for the Livingstone Award for Young Journalists, Emmys and Overseas Press Awards.

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